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Company Formation in Barcelona

Company Formation in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the main towns in Spain, ranking as the second largest city after Madrid. Investors may start the procedure of company formation in Spain in this city in the field of tourism, a industry with a long tradition in the region, and other economic sectors are also  of high importance here, such as ICT, biotechnology, aeronautics, shipping or manufacturing. Our team of specialists in company registration in Spain can assist investors with specific requirements that are available for these industries. 

Registration steps for a Spanish company 

All companies incorporated in this jurisdiction, including Barcelona, have to register with the competent authorities during the procedure of company formation in Spain. One of the requirements is to register with the Registro Mercantil Central (the Spanish Trade Register), by submitting specific company documents

The procedure is completed after the investors have decided on the legal entity of the company and after the company’s statutory documents were drafted and notarized at a local notary in Spain

Foreign investors can set up any legal entity provided by the Companies Law, as follows: 

Also, foreign companies may set up a branch office or a subsidiary in Spain and our representatives can advise on the advantages and obligations deriving from these structures. 

Regardless of the legal entity chosen for registration in Barcelona, the investors will need to establish a unique trading name for the future company and to set up a corporate bank account, which can be opened at a local commercial bank

If you are looking for bookkeeping in Spain, you can collaborate with our accounting firm. We have the necessary experience and can offer you the services you need in the company. Bookkeeping involves various procedures, with the help of which all financial transactions in the company are recorded. Such information is then used in the drafting and preparation of annual financial statements/ Contact us to discover as much as possible about the services offered.

Registering for taxation in Barcelona, Spain 

Legal entities are liable to taxation for commercial activities in Spain. One of the main taxes applicable to Spanish companies is the corporate tax. The rate at which the corporate tax is imposed here depends on the size of the company and its revenues

Also, companies are liable to value added tax, available at the standard rate of 21% and two reduced VAT rates, of 10% and 4%. The reduced VAT is applicable only for certain types of products and services. 

Investors may contact our team of consultants in company registration in Spain for consultancy services referring to other incorporation requirements available in Barcelona