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Selling Tobacco in Spain

Selling Tobacco in Spain

Businessmen who want to open a Spanish company in the tobacco sector or who want to establish trade relationships in this sense should know that the tobacco and tobacco products market is highly regulated by a set of rules. The tobacco industry in Spain started having positive prospects since its recovery in 2014. Foreign investors interested in this business sector can receive more information on the tobacco industry from our Spanish company formation agents

Tobacco industry in Spain 

 The main tobacco product appealing to the Spanish market is represented by cigarettes. Investors interested in this industry should know that the local consumers changed their smoking behavior, in the sense that they became more interested in the consumption of pipe tobacco. The trend is an effect of the lower price per unit for this type of product; our Spanish company formation agents can provide you with further information on the pipe tobacco usage.

The following video offers a short presentation on the procedures for selling tobacco in Spain:

Tobacco legislation in Spain 

Tobacco companies can sell their products through tobacco specialists (known as estancos) and vending machines. The Spanish estancos are also allowed to sell their tobacco products on the internet, a service which is available for the European Union’s market. 

According to the local legislation, smoking is prohibited in indoor public places (including offices) and in public transportation. The law stipulates that several outdoor public places also fall in this category, such as playgrounds or health facilities public areas. 

The main legislation regulating smoking and tobacco distribution is the 28/2005 Law, which was amended by the 42/2010 Law that introduced the above-mentioned provisions related to permitted smoking areas

Packaging and labeling of tobacco products fall under the provisions of the Royal Decree 1079/2002. 

If you need further information on the tobacco legislation available in Spain, please contact our Spanish company formation agents, who can assist throughout all stages of incorporating a tobacco business