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Set up a Business for Repair of Transport Equipment in Spain

Set up a Business for Repair of Transport Equipment in Spain

Transport equipment in Spain represents a term that refers to a wide range of equipments that can be used for the purpose of transportation of persons and goods. It can refer to trucks, trailers, cranes, lifting equipment, storage trailers, portable ramps, maritime containers and numerous others, as well as the accessories that are used for each type of equipment

Due to the fact that this type of equipments is exposed to depreciation, it can be an attractive idea to open a company in Spain that provides repair and maintenance services, also taking into consideration that the transportation equipment needs to be verified on the regular basis regardless if the respective equipment presents signs of abrasion or not.  

In order to open a company in Spain as a business that offers repair and maintenance services for transport equipment, the investors, both local and foreigners, will have to register a legal entity as prescribed by the standard registration procedure applicable in this country; our team of specialists in company formation in Spain has the necessary expertise in offering professional assistance on this matter and investors can rely on our consultants on all the steps that have to be concluded in this case. 

Looking for a team of accountants in Spain? Our suggestion is to collaborate with us and discover the services we can offer you. We mention among these that there is a need for payroll services, bookkeeping, audits, debt monitoring, annual financial statements, and assistance for tax registration. Management of human resources also comes to our attention, but to find out as much information as possible, we advise you to contact us.

Why start a Spanish business for the repair/maintenance of maritime containers? 

Due to the fact that Spain has most of its territory surrounded by waters, its shipping industry is rather developed. The country has a coastline accounting for 4,964 km and thus, its trading activities are mainly carried out through this means of transportation. The maritime sector is highly developed in certain coastal regions, such as Barcelona, Tarragona or Valencia, and the country is one of the top jurisdiction at the level of the European Union (EU) in terms of its shipping vessels. 

Thus, one of the ways to start a company which delivers repair and maintenance services for transport equipment can be related to this economic field of activity; one of the most common transport equipment used in the Spanish maritime sector is the maritime containers, which serve for the storage of various goods that are traded between Spain and other countries. Some of the most common repair and maintenance services available in this case are presented below: 

  • on-site and off-site repair and maintenance services for containers and other similar transport equipment, such as steel cabins;
  • fitting rubber seals, adding new locks, replacing padlocks, replacing the container’s flooring;
  • introducing prevention treatment against condensation, which is compulsory when transporting specific types of products;
  • repainting the interior or the exterior of a maritime container and cleaning the container;
  • providing minor or major repairs for the structure of the container, including for its roof. 

What are the most common repair services for trailers in Spain? 

Another way to open a company in Spain in this sector is by providing repair and maintenance services for trailers and other types of large vehicles that deliver goods on domestic and international markets. Our team of specialists in company formation in Spain can advise on the business licenses that can be requested for this business activity, and it is important to know that the most common services are the following: 

  • repair various parts of the vehicle, such as bumpers or wing flaps, or repair its suspensions and brakes;
  • verify the conformity of the vehicle with the applicable standards for its periodical technical inspection;
  • repairing tires and the vehicle’s electric system (lights, sockets and similar devices);
  • maintenance services for the vehicle’s liftgates, refrigeration systems, doors and others. 

What are the basics of starting a Spanish company? 

Foreign or local businessmen who are considering starting the procedure of company registration in Spain for a business providing repair and maintenance services of transport equipment will need to register a legal entity with the local authorities. One of the main requirements imposed in this case is to register with the Companies Registry

The above mentioned procedure can be handled by our team of specialists in company registration in Spain, through the power of attorney. Any company is Spain is also legally required to obtain a tax identification number and to be registered under a trading name that satisfies the minimum criteria imposed by the country’s legislation. 

The new legal entity will also need a separate corporate bank account that can be opened at a local commercial bank and complete any other necessary employment and tax formalities. Foreign businessmen are invited to contact our team of consultants in company formation in Spain for further information on other legal procedures that have to be completed when starting a business for the repair and maintenance of transport equipment here.