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Set up an IT Company in Spain

Set up an IT Company in Spain

Foreign investors interested in opening an IT company in Spain should be familiar with the commercial legislation available here. Investors who are citizens of the European Union (EU) can open a business in Spain without any restrictions; citizens outside the EU space are limited by several restrictions, in the sense that they should receive a visa and that they should make the proof of the fact they have a minimum capital that can be invested in the company; our company formation agents in Spain can offer you assistance on the incorporation of an IT company

Registration procedure in Spain 

The incorporation procedure lasts approximately two weeks and it is comprised of the following steps:

  • the proposed company name can be requested by the founding partners at Central Mercantile Registry, which will issue a certificate stating the uniqueness of the company name;
  • opening a bank account for the company – the investor is required to deposit the minimum capital for the company, in accordance with the legal entity chosen at the registration process;
  • complete the Single Electronic Document, which is filed at the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism; the document can be filed on the online platform of the Ministry; from there, the document is sent to the tax agency, social security agency and to the commercial registry.
  • receive the public deed of incorporation from a Spanish notary;
  • receive the fiscal identification number;
  • pay the municipal tax;
  • the Town Council where you have registered your company must receive a notification stating that the company has started its commercial activities; our Spanish company formation agents can offer you consultation on this process.

The video below offers a short presentation on the procedure for setting up an IT company in Spain:

Legal entities in Spain 

Persons who want to open a company in Spain should know that they can incorporate the business under several legal entities, available under the Spanish legislation

The most frequent legal entities in Spain are: 

If you need further information on the registration process in Spain, please contact our Spanish company formation agents, who can offer you  incorporation services.