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Open a restaurant in Spain

Open a restaurant in Spain

Spain is a vibrant country, where the industries involved in catering thrive, as there is a business potential in this field, due to the large number of tourists and to the Spanish citizens’ lifestyle. As such, if you are interested in opening a restaurant in Spain, you should know that there are positive prospects on the Spanish marketOur company formation agents in Spain can offer assistance for the incorporation process

Important aspects when opening a restaurant in Spain 

There are several aspects you should take into consideration if you want to open a restaurant here. Our specialists in company formation in Spain can provide you with relevant information so that your investment turns into a successful business and can help out with advice on the business permits needed in this case, the health and safety regulations imposed to catering units and numerous other relevant matters. 

The video below offers a short presentation on the registration of a Spanish restaurant:

According to the way you intend to brand your business, when opening a restaurant in Spain you should pay close attention to a set of aspects. Our team of consultants in company registration in Spain can advise on any matter related to the incorporation of a restaurant in one of the Spanish cities, such as Barcelona or Madrid. However, regardless of the incorporation place, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • location – it is very important for your restaurant to be set in a location which attracts clients;
  • size – having a larger restaurant requires more logistics procedures, hiring more personnel and increased costs;
  • licenses – you will need licenses attesting that the restaurant respects safety and health procedures imposed by the Spanish law, but you will also need licenses for selling alcohol and, if you intend to organize musical events in the restaurant, you will also need a music license; these licenses can be obtained from the city hall (ayuntamiento) and our company formation specialists can offer you assistance on this matter. 
  • employees – one of the main component of a successful business is represented by the company’s personnel.

Obtaining employees’ licenses in Spain  

One of the most important licenses a restaurant should have is the Food Handler’s Certificate, necessary for all the employees handling and preparing food. In order to receive the certificate, the company’s personnel is required to complete a course on food safety and pass an exam that will attest the fact that they have the necessary knowledge and training in food handling, processing, cooking and others. 

Certificates issued after 2010 do no expire but, even so, owners of catering units are encouraged to send their employees to specific classes every four-five years, although they are not obliged to take this measure. It is important to know that the Food and Safety Department is entitled to perform constant inspections at the premises of the restaurant and the representatives of the institution can request legal documents that can attest the employees’ capacity to handle food products, a requirements that is applicable to all businessmen who want to open a company in Spain in the catering sector

restaurant in Spain – and any other catering unit or business that sells food products – is required to implement a food safety management system and respect the hygiene standards that are imposed under the local legislation. Our team of specialists in company registration in Spain can advise on this subject.  

Why invest in a Spanish restaurant?  

There are numerous reasons for investing in a business set up as a restaurant in Spain, due to the fact that the Spanish economy grows at a steady pace, but also due to the large number of incoming tourists that choose this country as their travelling destination. 

Another reason for investing in the catering sector in Spain points at the diversity of the restaurants units that are available here; in 2017, both ethnic and fast food chains experienced an increase in their market share. A new business opportunity can be exploited in this industry, as the Spanish consumer market is becoming more and more attracted to diversified food products from both domestic and foreign cuisines

The registration procedure in Spain

As an investor in a restaurant in Spain, you will have to register you company under one of the ten legal entities specified by the Spanish legislation. One of the most common types of companies in Spain is the limited liability company, as this business form offers a set of advantages to its owners. 

In order to open such a company, you will need a minimum share capital of EUR 3,000 and you will receive a CIF (tax identification number), issued by the Commercial Registry in Spainour company formation specialists can present to you all the documents required by the Spanish authorities

If you need further information necessary for the opening of a restaurant in Spain, please contact our company formation agents for consultations on this subject. Our representatives can provide tailored advice, depending on your investment plans, budget and strategy to grow a business on the local market.