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Virtual Office in Spain

Virtual Office in Spain

The services of a virtual office in Spain can be requested by both foreign and local investors. According to the needs of the businessmen, the virtual office can offer a set of advantages, useful for developing a presence on the local business market. The virtual office is usually chosen in aprestigious area of the cityand it is important to know that thecosts of selecting this type of office are much lower than in the case of a traditional office. Our company formation representatives in Spain can help businessmen in choosing a suitable business address for the virtual office in Barcelona, Madrid or other important Spanish cities.

 Quick Facts  
Who can benefit from virtual office services

Investors who want to expand their businesses, startups etc. 

The purpose of a virtual office

Registered business address

Facilities of a virtual office

– mail collection and forwarding,

– call answering and redirecting,

– voice mailbox services

Local business address (YES/NO)


Registered office (YES/NO) Yes
Dedicated fax services (YES/NO)


Timeframe for receiving virtual office package

Around 24 hours

Collection of bank statements

On request

Meeting rooms (YES/NO) Yes 
Local phone number (YES/NO)


Dedicated office plan 

On request

Virtual assistant (YES/NO)


Location rent (YES/NO)


Work remotely (YES/NO)


Costs of a virtual office At a fraction of price for a traditional office

As a general rule, a virtual office is a suitable option for those who are interested in a more flexible manner of performing business activities and one of the advantages is that the employees can develop their activities from a remote location. 

Which are the standard services of a virtual office in Barcelona (Spain)?

Due to the fact that a virtual office in Spain provides many modern services, the employees of the company canwork from a remote location, as their physical presence in the company is not required. More importantly, a company that carries its operations through a virtual office canhire employees living in other countries. Those who want to operate through a virtual office in Barcelona can benefit from the following standard services

  • prestigious business address in Barcelona for a credible and risk-free base for corresponding with clients;
  • registered office, which is a compulsory requirement for anytype of Spanish company;
  • mail collection and forwarding – mail is collected, packages are signed and sent to the businessman according with the instructions chosen – either by mail, fax or email;
  • incoming and outgoing faxes – use of our localfax number; we’ll collect and send faxes to a preferred address;
  • local phone number in Barcelona, as well as voice mailbox, that will be forwarded to the businessman. 

Our specialists in company formation in Spain can provide further details on the above mentioned services and can offer consultancy services related to the advantages of operating on the local market through a virtual office, which is generally placed in a business center of a Spanish city. Investors can also receive advice on the tax formalities that must be completed once a company becomes active; our specialists can assist on the procedures available for VAT registration in Spain

Te benefits of a Virtual Office in Spain

Are there any additional services available in a Spanish virtual office? 

Yes, foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Spain by selecting the services of a virtual office can also benefit from additional services, which can be selected depending on the needs of the respectivecompany. Some of the services that are available for local and foreign businessmen are the following: 

  • dedicated fax service with a private and dedicated number;
  • call redirecting – specialized technology enables call redirection to a primary number;
  • collection of bank statements – we can collect various bank documents according to your instructions;
  • extra usage of the meeting room – it can be requested when meeting with the company’s partners, clients or employees.

virtual office has the benefit that it can actually increase the productivity levels of the company’s employees since the time spent commuting from and to the office is eliminated. It is also important to know that the virtual office has a higher retention rate of employees, due to the dynamic manner of performing business activities.  

Looking for accountants in Spain? We invite you to contact our specialists and discover the services they can offer you, at affordable prices. Payroll, bookkeeping, audits of annual financial statements, and specific procedures that can be easily implemented in the company come to our attention. In this way, you will ensure the smooth running of the business you own, from a financial point of view. You also have at your disposal complete analysis and financial reports for your company.

What are the advantages of a Spanish virtual office? 

We have presented above few of the compelling arguments that make the Spanish virtual office a suitable option when investing in this country. Besides the fact that the investors have very low costs associated with running the virtual office, there are other advantages as well, some of them referring to the company’s employees. 

When referring to this matter – the workforce employed in a company, the Spanish virtual office is an ideal way for those who want to open a company in Spain, especially in the case of small businesses or those that do no not need the daily presence of the employees in a given office space. The virtual office is generally selected by young entrepreneurs, who prefer having a more flexible manner of conducting their business activities. 

Since the company’s employees can easily work from any given location (internet access and the minimum technical devices), another advantage is that the investors can hire employees not only from the Spanish city where they have registered their company but also from all Spanish regions; more importantly, investors can start cross-border employment contracts, as there are no impediments in hiring foreign employees. Our team of consultants in company formation in Spain can provide more information on the employment contracts that can be signed in this country. 

The virtual office is also correlated with fewer days of leaves since the employees are not bound by a certain work schedule; remote employees can also work on a full-time basis, even though they are not present in the company’s office, but as a general rule, work relations are established on deadlines. 

As we presented earlier, virtual office workers basically need a way to easily communicate with their employer, but also to have the necessary technological equipment. As a general rule, such devices do not have to be offered by the company that hired them, which means that the entrepreneurs do not have to invest in various office supplies, technology, and any other types of devices that are necessary in an office

The advantage, in this case, is that the company’s representatives can use their capital to invest in other important matters – finding ways to expand the company, participating in various events related to their field of activity, and other similar aspects. This can be of crucial importance, especially for a small business that is in its infant stage.  

The virtual office is the ideal solution through which a businessman can obtain an official business address and this is absolutely necessary for most of the business forms that can be registered in Spain. The other option would be to rent an office space or to purchase a suitable location. 

For comparison, the services of a virtual office in Madrid/ Barcelona are available for less than EUR 100 per month (depending on the selected services), while renting a traditional office can cost approximately EUR 33 per square meter (the price is available in the cities central business districts). 

If we refer to purchasing commercial properties in Spain, the prices vary based on the Spanish region where they are located, their designated purpose (warehouse, office space, and so on), their facilities, and others. For example, a classic office space of approximately 300 square meters has a purchase price of EUR 550,000.  

On top of all the advantages we have presented up until now, investors must also know that they can benefit from business support, as a wide category of tasks that usually would fall under the supervision of the investor (collecting various documents, posting, handling calls) can be concluded with the help of a receptionist

The presentation below offers more details related to the virtual office in Spain:  

In the case of a company that wants to create a professional image, and which is represented by a single investor, it is highly recommended to operate through a virtual office, as this can increase the corporate image of the business

Of course, this can be applied to specific types of business activities and another important advantage is that the business can actually minimize any particular risks that can appear in the infant stage of a company. Usually, when opening a company in Spain, its founders have to invest a large share of the available capital into developing their business, without being sure that they will obtain a fast return on investment. 

Finally, another advantage of the virtual office in Spain is that it does not impose any long-term commitments; when renting a traditional office space, the contract is usually signed on a yearly basis; in the case of a Spanish virtual office, the contractual commitment is updated on a monthly basis and the investor can stop using the available services without any impediment. Our team of consultants in company registration in Spain can offer any additional information on the Spanish virtual office

Why operate in Spain through a virtual office? 

Besides the above-mentioned aspects, a virtual office can be a suitable option for a businessman who has just started a business in Spain, as there are fewer operational costs and, also, due to the fact that the company’s employees can benefit from a flexible way of conducting their tasks and this has a positive effect of the company’s profitability

More importantly, due to the fact that the virtual office offers the possibility to perform a business activity from any remote location (as long as the employee has good internet services), the investor has access to worldwide talent and he/she can hire an employee from any country, not just Spain

The manner in which a business is conducted through the services of a virtual office also has positive effects on the company’s productivity as it represents a shift from the traditional company, where the employees arrive and leave at specific hours – working at various levels of productivity, to a modern approach, where the employees are focused on completing specific goals in a determined period of time. In other words, remote employees will be directly interested in attaining their tasks in due time.

Our company formation agents can offer more details about the virtual office in Spain, prices and other information and investors are welcome to contact us for advice on this matter. Our consultants can provide this service in other major cities in Spain, such as Valencia or Barcelona. We can also help you with opening a bank account and accounting services in Spain