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Set up a Joint Stock Company in Spain

Set up a Joint Stock Company in Spain

joint stock company in Spain can be set up by foreign investors, who are interested in trading the company’s assets on the local stock exchange. A joint stock company is also referred to as a public limited liability company and it is important to know that the entity is an autonomous business form. When opening a company in Spain under this legal entity, the investors will need to deposit a minimum share capital in amount of EUR 60,000, as prescribed by the Capital Companies ActOur team of company formation specialists in Spain can provide assistance for the incorporation requirements established for this business form

Legal requirements for a joint stock company in Spain 

Entrepreneurs interested in company formation in Spain can open a joint stock company only if 25% of the company’s minimum share capital is deposited during the incorporation procedures. The company’s capital will then be divided into shares, which can be traded on the Spanish stock exchange

It is important to know that the shares of the company can be transferred following specific regulations, which are established in accordance with the types of shares available here. 

The investors will have to set up a board of directors, which must be comprised of minimum three persons. It is also necessary to set up a general meeting, in which company’s members are allowed to participate. A characteristic of the joint stock company is that it can offer its shares to the general public and our team of company formation consultants in Spain can provide more information on the procedure. 

Types of shares in a Spanish joint stock company  

According to the regulations prescribed by the Capital Companies Act, a Spanish joint stock company can issue several types of shares, as follows: 

  • ordinary shares;
  • privileged shares;
  • stocks.

Such shares provide general rights and obligations (through the ordinary shares and stocks), as well as supplementary rights available for the shareholders (through the privileged shares). 

Please contact our team of company formation agents in Spain for more details related to the incorporation of a joint stock company