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Open a Casino in Spain

Open a Casino in Spain

Foreign investors who want to establish a company in Spain as a casino have to comply with a set of rules and regulations imposed by the Spanish authorities. It is important to know that casinos in Spain can be incorporated in accordance with the regular registration procedure prescribed by the local law, but such a company should obtain several business permits. The Gambling Act came into force in 2011, providing new measures regulating the way in which this activity can be performed; our team of Spanish company formations agents can provide assistance for the incorporation of casino

The Gambling Act in Spain 

The new Gambling Act focuses especially on the on-line gambling activities, as this domain required a harmonized framework. The legislation aims to regulate the industry in all the technological means through which it can be accessed; as such, the Act takes into consideration gambling activities carried out on the internet, the television, mobile phones and other technological devices. It is important to know that the regional businesses set up in this field are regulated by local authorities; our representatives will offer more details on the main bodies in this industry.  

The following video offers a short presentation on the registration of a casino in Spain:

As a general rule, gambling activities refer to: 

  • lotteries;
  • bettings;
  • raffles;
  • contests;
  • any type of activity in which the participants exchange financial assets.

Fees and licenses for gambling operators in Spain 

Both foreign and local gambling operators are required to obtain licenses for their activities; the licenses are issued for a period of 10 years. An important aspect referring to the on-line gambling activities is that such companies must keep their servers on the Spanish territory; also, the websites must be registered under a Spanish domain name, ending with the country code top level domain “.es”. 

Only operators which have received licenses for promotional activities are allowed to advertise their business. 

Licenses in this field are issued by the National Gambling Commission, which can provide the following types of documents:

  • general licenses;
  • single licenses;
  • occasional gambling permits.

If you need further information on the gambling activities in Spain, please contact our team of Spanish company incorporation agents, who can offer  assistance on the industry.