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Open a Travel Agency in Spain

Open a Travel Agency in Spain

Spain is one of the most important economies of the European Union (EU) and also one of the most visited states in the region. With great weather conditions and a rich history, Spain represents a top attraction for tourists around the world and it can be the perfect location to open a travel agency; our company formation agents can help throughout this process and can provide step-to-step assistance regarding all the registration requirements available for a Spanish travel agency.

Incorporating a travel agency in Spain 

In order to open a company in Spain, the investor must follow several steps that will ensure him or her that the business respects the provisions of the Spanish legislationOur company formation specialists can offer you assistance on this matter, but you should know that the most important steps are the following:

  • the registration of the company’s trading name must be done at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office;
  • according to the investor’s needs, he or she must choose the legal entity representing the company and some of the most common options are the limited liability company, the partnership, the sole proprietor or the public limited company;
  • create a business plan for your company and apply for a loan (if needed);
  • find a place to accommodate to the needs of the company – it is compulsory to have an official business address when opening a company in Spain;
  • obtain permits or licenses according to the business activity you are involved with. 

Is there a special tax regime addressed to Spanish travel agencies? 

Yes, starting with 1st of January 2015, travel agencies in Spain are required to respect the provisions of the Special Regime for Travel Agencies, which refers to the method used for determining the value added tax that the company has to pay. This tax legislation is applicable to travel agencies and other types of entities organizing tourist events (more exactly, to trips). 

The regime takes into consideration Spanish companies that are acting in their own name when organizing a group of travelers, and which use various services or goods supplied by other entities for developing a trip in Spain. Businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Spain should know that the tax regime is not applicable to travel agencies that use their own transportation system, nor is to those that provide their own accommodation services.  

The tax regime refers to the calculation of the gross margin of the travel agency, which is defined as the difference between the value of the amount charged to a client (value added tax excluded), and the amount charged on the supply of goods offered by a third party used for organizing a travel event in the benefit of the client (tourist). 

The supply of goods is calculated taking into consideration all the applicable taxes. It is necessary to know that this gross margin is computed at the level of each transaction. Our team of consultants in company registration in Spain can offer further information concerning any other tax regulations available for a local travel agency.

Tourism in Spain 

If you are interested to register a company in Spain in the field of tourism, you should know that starting from 2014 the industry attracted more visitors, recovering after few years of economic struggle. Tourism in Spain is seen as an industry which has the potential ofeconomic development; you can find out more information concerning the tourism legislation available here from our company formation specialists in Spain.      

At the level of 2014, Spain has received 64,9 million tourists, setting a new record in terms of visitorstourists who have visited Spain in 2014 were from United Kingdom (14 million tourists), France, Germany and the Nordic States. The following video offers a short presentation on the Spanish tourism, as well as on how to register a Spanish travel agency:

Tourists usually visit Spain for its beautiful, large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, or for its summer resorts, but in 2014 the most visited location in Spain was Alhambra. More than 60% of the tourists are interested to see Catalonia, the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands

In 2017, Spain registered a record number of visitors, accounting for approximately 82 million tourists. Businessmen who want to open a company in Spain should know that this sector accounted for 14.9% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) in that year, which represented a total value of EUR 172.9 billion. 

Investments carried out in the field of tourism in Spain had a total value of EUR 18.4 billion, representing 7.7% of all the investments concluded in 2017. Our team of consultants in company registration in Spain can offer in-depth information on the regulations and the incentives that are available for investments in the field of tourism in this country. 

Spanish tourism, a growing sector

The Spanish tourism sector is growing at a steady rate and this can be observed when we refer to the number of tourism agencies that were registered in this country in the last years. Starting with 2013, the number of company registrations in this sector grew. In that year, there were 11,126 tourism related businesses (tourism agenciestour operators and other similar enterprises). By 2015, the number increased at 11,900, while in 2017, there were 12,983 such companies. 

This also had a positive impact on the employment in the country, which generated a total of 930,500 direct jobs in the field of travel and tourism. The increase takes into consideration employment in hotels, travel agencies and other related businesses. The highest level of spending in this sector derived from tourism activities developed by foreign visitors (accounting for 56% of the total spending). 

What are the main services offered by a Spanish travel agency? 

travel agency in Spain can provide a wide range of services and leisure activities to its clients. The company’s activities can be expanded to include services addressed to corporate clients and not only for individuals (local or foreigners). Some of the most common services that can be started by a Spanish travel agency are presented below:

  • sightseeing tours – they are created taking into consideration popular sightseeing destinations that can be found in a Spanish city or region;
  • sightseeing tours can be arranged for a group of visitors as walking tours or as bus tours;
  • a newer way to experience Spain as a tourist is by participating at gastronomy tours in certain regions of the country (travel agencies are also specialized in offering wine tours);
  • corporate events – they generally refer to teambuilding activities organized as trips with the employees of a company;
  • travel agencies also offer booking services, both natural persons and corporate clients can address to such businesses for finding a suitable accommodation in a Spanish city

If you need further information on the tourism industry in Spain, please contact our company formations agents, who can offer you advice on this subject. Our team of specialists in company registration in Spain can provide in-depth advice on how to register a local business for tax purposes and may also offer assistance on the tax system applicable to a Spanish travel agency.