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Initial Coin Offering in Spain

Initial Coin Offering in Spain

Initial Coin Offering or ICO in Spain is controlled by well-established rules on the Iberian market. In the following lines, you can discover information about the ICO in Spain and the usefulness of this first offering. Company formation in Spain is a process that can be supervised by our local agents who can also explain to you how the ICO can be established in Spain according to the rules and business structures.

What are ICOs used for?

Initial Coin Offerings are alternative solutions for various investments. ICOs in Spain have gained quite a lot of importance in recent years. More precisely, it can be said that they are a method of financing, with the help of cryptocurrency. In the Initial Coin Offering, tokens can be used to sell cryptocurrency and thus offer the possibility to exchange in virtual currency instead of the traditional one. Here are other interesting details about ICOs in Spain:

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most famous virtual currencies at the moment.
  • In return for properties, investors can allocate digital assets in an Initial Coin Offering. Tokens are normally used.
  • A substantial amount of money can be generated by the ICOs issued in Spain which are a new method of funding.
  • ICOs in Spain must be revealed with the help of a white paper. Such a document must include a wide range of details referring to anti-money laundering policies, business plans and practices, blockchain, token sales, etc.
  • Depending on the issuer, the number of tokens can be limited.

Knowing more about ICOs in Spain requires a specialist in the field, such as our local consultants. You can open a company in Spain with our assistance at any time.

Regulatory background in Spain

Tokens in Spain are issued in an Initial Coin Offering process, without an official status. In particular situations, certain tokens are similar to securities, while others present similar features to fiat currencies. However, each token issued through ICO in Spain must be treated as a separate case. Here are other interesting details about the ICO in Spain:

  • The National Securities and Exchange Commission of Spain has recently published several notices concerning the possible risks linked to Initial Coin Offering, plus various non-binding regulations. However, a precise regulatory regime is not yet applicable in this sector.
  • Certain activities related to financial tools are considered regulated activities under the Spanish Law. The financial instruments used in the territory of Spain also refer to derivatives of securities.
  • The Spanish Law enforces specific limitations and obligations on issuers of financial instruments. Some of them may refer to registration and disclosure obligations in cases of public offerings.

You can learn more about ICO in Spain if you contact our specialists. Also, they can help you if you want to set up a company in Spain.

Making investments in Madrid, Spain

Recently, the capital of Spain, Madrid, was declared to be the most important and most appreciated business center in Europe. Here are some interesting facts in this regard:

  • Madrid supports more than 19% of Spain’s economy, according to the latest data.
  • Over 72% of Spanish companies are located in Madrid.
  • Madrid is the 4th European capital in terms of multinational companies established here.

In addition to support for company incorporation in Spain and even assistance for Initial Coin Offerings, those who want to open a business can also benefit from support from our accountants in Spain. You can find out information about bookkeeping in Spain, some of the most important services offered to a company. Contact us as soon as possible for a personalized evaluation of your projects.